Language Learning

Did you know that hypnosis could help you learn a second language?

Learning another language is no small feat, especially later in life. You need to know approximately 2,000 words in a language to hold basic conversations and form a strong base for learning more, and to achieve mastery of a language you need to understand about 95% of the words you encounter. Remembering that many vocabulary words takes time and repetition, but the learning process could be made easier with hypnosis.

Research suggests that our memory is impacted by factors such as stress, anxiety, frustration, and boredom. Learning new words and concepts under any of these conditions impairs memory formation and retention, which is where hypnosis comes in. Studies show that undergoing hypnosis and hearing suggestions to become relaxed, motivated, and focused significantly improved short- and long-term memory of new words in a second language.

If you really want to acquire a new language, hypnosis might be a valuable tool to speed the learning process.