The Power of the Mind

Meditation and hypnosis, what’s the difference anyways?

People who are interested in medical hypnosis often ask how meditation and medical hypnosis compare. Both are powerful tools for change, but some crucial differences exist that can help direct your choice. (Spoiler alert: both are excellent options).

While there are a number of styles of meditation, the best studied and arguably most effective kind emphasizes training the mind to be present and aware in all circumstances, without focusing on the wandering thoughts to which we’re all too prone. Meditation clears the mind and promotes calmness and equanimity; consistent daily practice over months and years is essential for the most powerful results.

In contrast, hypnosis is a simpler practice with more limited — but important — goals such as changing specific behaviors (think smoking or phobias) or physical responses (pain or nausea, for example). While this work is best started under the care of a qualified professional, learning self-hypnosis is key once skill and familiarity are built. In hypnosis your physician will guide you into a calm and focused state and then use imagery and metaphor to help you modify your unconscious response to stimuli or situations.

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